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OWL Thermovision

The OWL is Dual Sensor Day & Thermal PTZ Camera track and trace surveillance and day/night capable system with various Video Analytics .

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JAGUAR Highest Quality SWIR Camera

JAGUAR is a versatile and compact InGaAs based SWIR camera core offering a comprehensive suite of features including camera link and USB 3.0 digital outputs.

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PYTHON LWIR Thermal Camera

Python is a versatile and ultra-compact LWIR core offering a comprehensive suite of features including Camera Link, Gige, USB 3.0 or CMOS digital outputs.

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VIPER 640 MWIR Cooled Camera

The Viper high performance MWIR cameras deliver stunning imagery using best in class cryo cooled MCT/InSb/xBn detectors. The cameras incorporate advanced real-time image processing to produce high quality video in a small package.

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Eagle 1k x 1k cooled low noise CCD/CMOS cameras are designed for ultra-low noise readout such as required by pressing scientific and instrumentation equipment.