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About Analinear

Analinear is an imaging solution company, providing Imaging Sensor IP's, Peripheral Analog IP's, Imaging SoC design and Specialized camera System products. Focused on its core competency, Analinear has foundry and test house relationships for wafer fabrication, assembly and die screening tests...

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Analinear Imaging Systems delivers best in class products and services with high quality. Analinear can design products with stringent of the quality standards like MIL 810 G Std., ASO 9100 /EN 9100, ROHS and MIL 461/IP67...

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Global Presence

We operate in several countries like Europe, USA, Korea, Japan, Singapore. We follow a strategy of continuous international expansion on the basis of a strong home market in India.

Drone Tracking Using Owl

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Image Detection using Python

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Image Detection using Owl

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    Custom IC Design
  • Beside the useful list of silicon proven Analog and Image Sensor IPs, Analinear can develop custom Analog and Image Snesor IPs and SoC with flexible business models from GDS design delivery till Product ICs supplies as an OEM.
  • Please write to us for more details or send us queries through our support page in the website. Visit Support Section.
    Custom Camera Design
  • We undertake custom design of Camera cores and Complete camera products for embedded or standalone applications in any of the IR wavebands as SWIR, MWIR, LWIR with CMOS sensors and in the visible band with CMOS and CCD sensors.
  • We can work with the customer from a Functional specification level to the production manufacturing of the systems as OEM supplier.
  • For more Information about our Quality Process Click here
  • Please write to us for more details to or send us queries through our support page in the website. Visit Support Section


1. Micro-bolometer 64x64 & 320x240
2. Linear Sensor 64 TDI
3. MWIR 320x256
4. SWIR 1280 x1024, 640 x 512 , 320 x 256

1. 10 to 14 bit pipeline ADCs up to 50 MS/Sec
2. 16 bit Sigma Delta ADCs upto 1 MS/Sec
3. Rail to rail DAC in 1.8, 2.5, and 3.3V supplies
4. 16 bit 3MSPS SAR ADC
5. 14 bit RAMP ADC

1. LVDS tranceiver 600 MHz.
2. PLLs for 2.5 Gb/sec applications.


Analog Mixed Signal & Image Sensor

Semiconductor Companies requiring Analog-Mixed Signal and/or Imaging Sensor IPs and SoC design as an extension of their marketing, to design complete specification to silicon offering.

Camera Solutions

Companies requiring Imager Engine or full camera products solution in any of these application areas:

  1. Machine Vision
  2. Professional & Scientific Imaging
  3. Medical Imaging
  4. Security & Surveillance
  5. Aerospace Imaging

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+91 906 318 0800
 +91 984 837 2063


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